The story behind Boardstacker

Hi, I'm Vincent – the creator of Boardstacker. I'm a skateboarder (of course). Let me tell you how all of this started.

I've been skating my entire life. But when I turned 20-ish I was getting more and more into web design and web development and started a digital agency called Lejtzén Design. In addition to that I was working my full time job and I had no energy left for skateboarding.

I left skateboarding and focused on work.

In late 2017 a new skate park was opening in my home town and I could not resist going there. And just like that – I got myself a new skateboard, new skate shoes and was skating again. I had one issue though.

I was wearing out boards and shoes faster than ever. I had my newly found favourites and was always looking out for deals to get the best prices when restocking.

I don't want to keep track of the current deals of all these sites when I already now exactly what I want to buy — just let me know when the price drops

When browsing through existing aggregated shopping sites and marketplaces I found out that no one was putting any energy into the skateboarding product categories. They were a mess. I could be following a pair of black Janoski's but got notified when the red model was on sale. That irritated me.

And that's what brings us to Boardstacker — the site that collects product information and offers from local (as in multiple countries) stores and makes sure you're getting the lowest price.

Products and prices are updated multiple times each day from multiple stores in each country. Currently you can browse stores in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and view the content in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English.

I was working in the site for about six months back and forth from the beginning of 2018 and finally managed to release the site during spring 2019. I'm not sure where we should go from here? Let me know if you have any ideas.

Other projects related to Boardstacker

A friend of mine that I run a few other sites together with has recently launched a new site — The word el mountainbike means electric mountain bike in Swedish.

The site will focus on the electric mountain bike trend and give readers the latest and greatest content. Make sure to check it out!

Vincent Lejtzén,
12th of November, 2020